New Jerusalem Baptist Church

The Church Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is Lord  


Of April 14th, 2019

Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so!  Yes, Jesus loves us, and we see daily, His amazing love, grace, and mercy all over our world.  It is He who woke us this morning, provided us breath, the movement of our limbs, mental clarity, food, shelter, and all of our daily needs. It is Jesus who comforts us, heals us, moves us from harm’s way. It is Jesus who has prepared a heavenly home for us when our time on earth is done.  Yes, clearly Jesus loves us and His commitment to His people was made clear in His birth, life, death, and resurrection.  But is the love mutual? If you answer, YES, where is your evidence, your proof?

How do you show your discipleship and love for Jesus?  Do you go to sleep and wake with praise in your heart and on your lips?  Do you come to Bible Study/Prayer Service to learn more of Him or to testify to His ever-lasting mercies? Do you stand boldly and give Him the honor and glory even when it is not a popular thing to do or say? Jesus loves us, but is your love for Jesus unconditional? Or is your love for Him, a convenient type love that the world would likely call “friends with benefits” as in only when you feel you need Him?

By Jesus example, know that love takes action! If you love Him, strive to serve Him! Be the one committed enough to be an example of a difference the world can see, between the saved and unsaved. Strive to be the salt of the earth and not stiff-necked, unforgiving, and constantly judging/criticizing others. 

If you love Him, follow the wise teaching of 1Peter 2:21 which tells us that God called us to do good, even if it means suffering, just as Christ suffered for us. Or just flip in your Bible to Matthew 5:16 where we are told to let our light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify our Father in Heaven! If you love Him, where is your evidence -- the love?