The church is constantly under attack by the enemy, who influences the world to fight against our beliefs. For instance, pay attention when you watch the TV and you can often detect acts which challenge and seek to bring down our Christian faith and beliefs and make sin appear acceptable. We must be careful not to get caught up in the widely accepted values of our culture and those around us. The bottom line is that we must be willing to stand for our biblical convictions and be ever prepared for battle.

This is spiritual warfare and we must fight not with physical weapons but with our ultimate weapon, the word of God. We are His representatives, and we should live in obedience to God  and His Word, regardless of the consequences. Therefore, we need to remain strong in the knowledge and application of God’s truth. Remember, genuine convictions are to be acted upon and unaffected by the times, the values of the culture, or the popularity of current ideas. Christians beliefs aren’t always popular and defending then can and will sometimes be uncomfortable. But remember, in Isiah 41:10, the Lord promises to with us and never leave us alone. 

Examine your commitment to Christ today and His calling for you. If you are sincerely committed, Jesus asks that you come out of your comfort zone and trust Him completely. Chose to be committed to the end, not just when it is convenient or the popular route. Don’t forget the power of prayer and praise. For though it can be tough out here, you can make it, in the name of JESUS!