New Jerusalem Baptist Church

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Thought For the Week of April 29, 2018

Have you read the parable about Lazarus? Once you settle down in your comfortable home and bed tonight, read Luke 16:19-31.  Afterward, ask yourself if you can truthfully say you see Lazarus as your neighbor? We likely all would get uncomfortable about the thought of having to sit at the rich man’s gate and beg like Lazarus. In this parable, the rich man is not condemned because of his extravagant lifestyle, rather because he did not notice the man at his doorstep; he did not address the need of his neighbor. The rich man probably didn’t think twice about allowing Lazarus to eat the scraps from his table because to him, it was just some bread. Back then, food was eaten with the hands which were cleansed by wiping them on chunks of bread, which were then thrown away. That is just what Lazarus was waiting for at the gate his hope simply, to eat what fell from the rich man’s table. But the rich man did not really see Lazarus, “the needy”. The rich man was completely indifferent to the plight of Lazarus, showing him no love, sympathy, or compassion.


The rich man’s sin was not that he was rich, but that he did not take notice of his neighbor in need and too absorbed in himself to see the struggle of a Lazarus. Saints, we cannot call ourselves Christ-followers if we do not notice,  serve,  or acknowledge the needy in our midst. What if all that person needed to lift their spirits, even in the midst of great difficulties, was not your hand-outs or cast-offs, but to know someone cares; or to be shown,  through you, that Jesus loves and cares for His children?  Would your life be a picture for the world to see and profess--- “Yes, Jesus cares?!