New Jerusalem Baptist Church

The Church Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is Lord  


of July 15, 2018

Everyone has a difficult friend or acquaintance, but have you ever thought that you may be a difficult friend?  You know, those folk that only call you when they want something from you. When they call, you get a short greeting, immediately followed by a request or requests. Sometimes this behavior gets so routine, they become predictable to the extent, when you hear the voice, you start putting up the barriers and boundaries.  If you turn them down too often, before long, you don’t hear from them at all, unless there is really big trouble.

So you say, “I know that I am not that kind of friend!”  Think about how we sometimes approach God. Are you so busy and ready to list your requests that you forget to speak and lift Him in prayer and praise when you rise; or to thank and give Him the praise at the end of another blessed day which He alone has seen you through?  Or is your day typically giving Him a grudging bit of form and fashion recognition followed by a grocery list of your wants? Are you so busy there is no time for true worship and praise?  Do you take the time to adore Him and praise His majesty and to thank Him for what He has already done to see you through? If we are truly a friend of Jesus, let us take the time to abandon ourselves to the quiet, to seek His face, to let the quietness take hold, and bask in His glory, that we may hear from Heaven.  Read Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God”! And really think about it!  Are you a friend of Jesus?