New Jerusalem Baptist Church

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Of September 16, 2018

Have you ever been happily following what you believe is God’s will for our life, but suddenly find yourself at a roadblock, a closed door or a crossroad and you are not sure which way to go? What do we do? Sometimes instead of waiting and praying, unfortunately, we act in impatience and disobedience to God, and we try the knob which doesn’t budge. We try all the keys we have (tears, begging, defiance, etc.) and none fit the lock.  We ask friends if they know how to open it, but they don’t. So finally, in frustration, we grab something and try to pry the door open. The problem with all these methods, is when God has closed the door, done of these methods will get you where God the Father wants you to go.

Scripture shows us King Saul who couldn’t wait for God when he looked at the circumstances, became frightened, and took matters into his own hands. He pried open a door the Lord had closed to make a sacrifice, ignoring the rule that he should have waited for Samuel, as only priests were allowed to offer sacrifices. Instead of standing at the door, waiting and trusting in the Lord to open the door, in His time and way, Saul forced his way in, and as a result, lost his kingdom!

Know that when we push through a door that the Lord has closed, the costs of disobedience are always higher than the benefits of pushing through the door. If the Lord has sealed off an entry, it’s for your good and your protection. The right response is to wait patiently and be faithful in your present situation. In time, God will either open the door or redirect you to the path that leads to His will. Wait on the Lord in all things and all situations!