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Do you sometimes feel your work is unrewarding? Many people believe that “work” should just be easy and high paying. As a Christian, are you working for man or for God? What do you know about “work” biblically speaking?

God joyfully “worked” to create our world from nothing, separating the light from the darkness; and the waters as needed to create ground and sky. He gathered the waters into seas; created vegetation for the land; made the stars; and made living creatures for the water, air and land. Upon finishing “work”, God observed His “work” to be “good” without mention of the “work” being easy and high paying. God then created man and woman, molded in His own image, with the ability to reason, to feel, to love, and yes, to work.  In Genesis 2:15, God ordained “work”, giving Adam a job in His garden He planted and commanding Adam “to work it” and take care of it”, with no requirement for the “work” to be easy or high paying.

As Christians we are to align our “work” according to His will, plan and purpose for the good of His creation.  Be careful not to lose sight of  the fact that our “work” is a significant  part of God’s plan that “work” be a blessing for  Him, His creation (us and our world); and that “work” glorifies Him according to His plan, purpose and will for His creation! Remember, when our work serves others, we should experience joy and contentment, from knowing our work matters and is pleasing to Jesus!