New Jerusalem Baptist Church

The Church Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is Lord  



We are grateful for 2019, the good and the bad, and for even the bad has helped us to grow. As we learn more about the Lord, we see more clearly what needs to be done to be pleasing in God’s sight. 

Want to be a better servant to Christ in 2020?  Then start 2020 in love and end it in love!  Forget your grudges from 2019 and before.  When we nurse and/or allow anger, ill will and envy linger in our hearts, they poisons all we think and all we do.  They are poison that may potentially render us useless for service to Christ.  See Leviticus 19:18 for direction.  You will find that as Christians, we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

Pray for and seek ways to show God’s love and forgiving ways for persons who are spiteful/hateful toward you.  Christ-like responses from us help to keep our spirit strong, true and Christ-like. Stop to think: What would Jesus do?  Has He forgiven me for my sins?  Would He want me to love and forgive others?  If I can’t forgive, am I worthy of His forgiveness?

When we strive to become more Christ-like, we are likely to find in 2020 that an object of our ill will becomes a special object of our goodwill. 

God will bless and reward us for such faith!