New Jerusalem Baptist Church

The Church Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is Lord  


Of January 6, 2019

The wisdom of the world would have us to believe that in order to be used by God for significant purposes; we must be extraordinary and have access to an abundance of wealth.  Not so!  The Word of God assures us that God can use anybody to do anything! 

God specializes in using the least recognized among us to do great things.    Look what He did with the disciples He chose who were by the world’s standard, less than successful.  He filled them with the Holy Spirit and through Him, they were able to great things in His names. 

A small and seemingly insignificant child’s lunch was used to feed thousands.  The woman who shared her last with the Lord went back to find provisions each time because she put God first. God took Gideon, who hid from his enemy and turned him into a great warrior, and He used a small child, David to kill a giant with a small sling and stone.  In the normal sense, these folk were not even impressive. But our God saw and was impressed by their willingness to be used by Him to do great things! 

Are you denying God the opportunity to use you for great things because in your mind, you couldn’t possibly attain such lofty goals because you lack wealth, education, talent or specialized skills?  Be advised, you can’t do it by yourself, but God can, if you allow Him to take control. As a matter of fact, He delights in making the insignificant great.  Submit yourself to Him in obedience and trust His Word.  Then expect and watch as He does great things, through you, when you let go and let God.