New Jerusalem Baptist Church

The Church Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is Lord  



Where do you place your hope and security? If it’s in governments, financial markets, or education, you will be, in the end, very disappointed. Trusted governments fail, great economies falter, and strong institutions prove to be unstable. And the world, however, won’t become fully or permanently be trustworthy.

Even since the time of the tower of Babel we read about in Genesis 11:1-32, people have been promising a better civilization, but no man-made advance has permanently enhanced life in this world and ultimately any part of society that challenges God won’t last. It’s because of the sin nature in people, such that greed, pride, and lust have always brought about the downfall of civilizations.

Only Jesus Christ can deliver on His promise of hope to those who trust in Him. He lives in us and guides our pathways. Only He can truly comfort us in loss and sorrow but those who trust in God can have hope and confidence because even in this world’s ever changing and chaotic environment, He is the one constant. His Word is always true, His power is absolute, and His promises are certain and when Jesus Christ returns to rule the earth, all will be made right.